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November 16, 2022

Why I Do What I Do

My journey to the world of financial planning wasn’t always clear-cut and obvious. In fact, I started out in an entirely different career that I thought I would have until I retired. But as is common with life, I was thrown an unexpected wrench in my plans and I took a leap of faith. That […]

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September 14, 2022

8 Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning a Comfortable Retirement

It’s hard to define exactly how much you will need to save in order to retire comfortably. Some researchers say to expect to spend between 55-80% of your pre-retirement annual income per year during retirement. (1) But everyone’s situation is different, and this number will depend on a number of factors, such as your healthcare […]

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Are You Falling Victim?
September 12, 2022

Are You Falling Victim to These Financial Mistakes?

There are so many things to consider when it comes to finances, from deciding whether to buy or lease your next car, to budgeting for retirement, to signing up for a credit card. It’s impossible not to make mistakes here and there! But we often see some people make significant mistakes—mistakes that can impact your […]

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August 1, 2022

Our 2022 Mid-Year Market Update

The 2020s thus far have been anything but routine, and the volatility just won’t quit. From a global pandemic and historic inflation to an unparalleled housing market and a war in Ukraine, it’s hard to believe we’re only two years into this decade. The economic uncertainty of the last few months has many anxious to […]

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How to Teach Your Kids About Money
July 20, 2022

How to Teach Your Kids About Money

You have big dreams for your children. But before they’re grown and out on their own, it’s important to teach them about things like a solid work ethic, kindness, respect, responsibility—the list goes on. Perhaps most important, though, is financial literacy, which is a skill that can make or break your child’s success as an […]

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May 16, 2022

5 Smart Money Moves to Make in Uncertain Times

Billionaire and founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, has said, “Fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all.” And lately, it seems as though just about everything falls under the category of “unknown.” Between an ongoing pandemic, global unrest, and political instability, we have daily reminders of just how unpredictable life can be—which can […]

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