Pinnacle Family Advisors Overview

Pinnacle Family Advisors, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm headquartered in Springfield, MO. We provide independent investment services to individuals, families, and businesses throughout SW Missouri and the U.S.

Fiduciary Relationship

As your investment professional, we will always do what is in your best interest. As a Registered Investment Adviser, we are legally considered a fiduciary. A fiduciary is a person who holds a legal or ethical relationship of trust with one or more other parties (person or group of persons). Beyond this legal obligation, we feel we have a moral obligation to give advice and investment services that benefits you first and foremost. Although the investment industry uses various terms such as, “broker”, “advisor”, and “consultant”, these individuals and firms may not be acting in a fiduciary manner with clients. “Advisors” or “consultants” who are associated with various Wall Street firms may indeed behave in a fiduciary manner–putting their clients’ interests ahead of their own. However, they do not have a legal obligation to do this. As employees of their firm, they typically have obligations to the firm first and to the client second.

True Integrated Financial Advice

We believe in combining the skills of our various team members, instead of expecting one individual or advisor to be the expert in many different areas Our team approach enables us to solve specialized problems and provide specific financial solutions in a holistic manner.

As opposed to many firms, we have the capability to provide high level advice on financial matters that runs the spectrum from financial planning and investment management, to business consulting (for both corporations and individuals), to legacy and estate planning. While there is no pressure for any client to use all of these services, we feel it is a structural strength to have these capabilities at our clients’ disposal and all under one roof.

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