What I Wish I Had Known

What I Wish I Had Known About Money When I Was Younger (Video)

by Michael Vaughn, CFP®

Investing early and regularly from a young age can be a key component to building wealth using mostly passive income. I’m sure we all wish we had started investing in certain areas earlier on in our lives. However, investors of all ages can benefit from maximizing tax-advantaged accounts and dollar-cost average. Let’s take a look at three things I wish I had known about money when I was younger.

About Michael

Michael Vaughn is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and Vice President at Pinnacle Family Advisors (PFA) with 21 years of industry experience. Before joining the PFA family, he served clients with investment management and retirement planning at The Mutual Fund Store for 14 years. Michael graduated from Missouri State University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management and earned his CFP® certification in 2004. He also served 20 years in the Missouri National Guard, retiring in 2007 as a Major. He currently volunteers on the board of directors for Good Dads and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Michael is married to Lori and they have two daughters. To learn more about Michael, connect with him on LinkedIn.