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Finding Gratitude This Thanksgiving Season
November 17, 2023

Finding Gratitude This Thanksgiving Season

By Michael Vaughn, CFP® When I reflect on what I’m grateful for this holiday season, I think back to when I made the decision to change careers. I left a good-paying job for the unknown, but what I did know was I wanted to stay near family and friends and I wanted to help others. […]

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If Widowhood Happened Tomorrow, Would You Be Prepared
October 3, 2023

If Widowhood Happened Tomorrow, Would You Be Prepared?

By Michael Vaughn, CFP® Life can take unexpected turns, and it’s vital to be prepared for any eventuality. While many of us don’t like to speak about “what-ifs,” it’s important to consider what would happen if you had to handle everything after the loss of a partner. Would you be prepared if widowhood happened tomorrow? […]

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Financial Pitfalls Veterans_Federal Employees_Military Should Avoid

Financial Pitfalls Veterans/Federal Employees/Military Should Avoid

By Michael Vaughn, CFP®  When it comes to managing finances, if you’re in the military, a veteran, or a federal employee, you face a unique set of challenges and opportunities. While these groups often benefit from certain financial perks, they can also run into certain pitfalls that must be navigated with care. Let’s explore the […]

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2023-7_ See a Sample Financial Plan
July 30, 2023

See a Sample Financial Plan

By Michael Vaughn, CFP® A financial plan created for you and tailored to your unique life goals is like an instruction manual for your finances and your goal achievement. The financial plans we write for our clients include a thorough analysis of your goals and your resources and the likelihood of meeting your goals if […]

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2023-6_How Business Owners Can Catch Up for Retirement in a Hurry
July 12, 2023

How Business Owners Can Catch Up for Retirement in a Hurry

Stepping into the shoes of a business owner brings a level of demand and complexity beyond that of a regular job. Balancing personal finances alongside the web of your business’s financial strategy can be challenging. One of the biggest hurdles for business owners is figuring out how to turn their successful businesses into long-term personal […]

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