Investment Management

Investment Philosophy

Your interests are our priority. Our purpose is to design your account to achieve your financial goals. Once your purpose and intent is well established, we construct an initial asset allocation based on the current economic and market environment. However, the economic and market environment will change. Your asset allocation must also be adjusted to reflect these new conditions. We believe in using both fundamental and technical analysis to help navigate the changes in the markets and economies.

Just as a piano sounds better when played with both hands, we believe the use of both fundamental and technical analysis enables us to help you navigate the ever changing financial landscape. We believe proactive risk management is paramount to investing success.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is the process of spreading or, “diversifying” your investments across a range of different asset classes. This technique works to minimize the risk of all your investments falling in value at the same time, and to maximize the potential for smoother, and therefore higher, compound returns.

By diversifying your investments across various asset classes (e.g. large companies, small companies, bonds, etc.), you reduce the impact of price volatility in any one of these assets classes on the overall value of the portfolio. In simple terms, it is the investment equivalent of not, “putting all your eggs in one basket”.

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Investment Management

We use disciplined, unemotional, investment processes to allocate investments among different asset classes and making changes within those asset classes. Some strategies will be more static, such as, “buy and hold” where we remain invested in similar asset classes over a long period of time. Other strategies will be, “momentum based” where we invest in trending asset classes based on their relative strength and the market environment. We will design the strategy that best fits your investing and financial goals.

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