The old saying “safety in numbers” applies to investing. Our approach to guiding your savings includes a key concept called “diversification.” Diversification involves different types of investments that, when placed together, from a complete portfolio. Much like a baseball team is made up of various players (pitcher, catcher, outfielder, short stop), each player has a vital role to fill on the team. The same approach applies to your savings. Various investments, when properly diversified, can have a moderating effect on risk. And the longer one’s time horizon, the higher possibility for earning a positive return.


You have your choice of players to lead your team to the World Series. Who do you choose? It is the same in choosing investments (and luckily for you, we have our choice of players).

Using multiple sources of research (including our own), we seek investments with consistent top-of-class performance versus their peers. This involves researching an investment or manager’s long-term performance. If an investment or manager isn’t performing well relative to their peers, we make a decision whether to stay invested in that particular investment or buy something else in its place.

We believe a fee-based service is essential to our clients for these reasons:

  • Our goals are aligned with your goals.
  • Our advisory fee is all-inclusive.
  • You know up front what you are paying for.
  • You pay no loads or commissions to buy in or get out.
  • You only pay a small percentage of the assets in your account.

Your fees include:

  • Retirement Planning with Ongoing Updates
  • Semi Annual Client Reviews
  • Easy to Understand Quarterly Performance Reports (In addition to your monthly account statements)
  • Mobile Access to Your Account Information

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